Tallinn Pride

8 July 2017


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Support Tallinn Pride!

With the help of our partners, we are making the parade a reality. YAY!

However, there are still a lot of miscellaneous expenses that we have to cover. If you'd like to contribute, we've added a donation button to our website. Every cent helps!

If you're not convinced yet, check out this cute video-invitation below!

Tallinn Pride and Baltic Pride united!

We are excited to announce that Tallinn Pride and Baltic Pride have come together to create one big festival! The Pride parade will take place on 8 July as part of the four day festival, which will also include an open air concert, an international conference, and workshops and parties.

Come celebrate with us!

For updates, follow Tallinn Pride and Baltic Pride.

Tallinn Pride is coming back!

This summer, the streets of Tallinn will once again witness all colors of Pride.

Tallinn Pride is part of the global Pride movement which aims to increase visibility of sexual and gender minorities by lifting spirits and encouraging people to be who they are.

The event is organized by a group of activists and volunteers - regular people, members and allies of the community, not representing any organization, who wish to see their city be a part of the movement.

The last Pride parade in Tallinn, or Estonia as a whole, took place a decade ago. Since then, a lot has changed. There have been ups and downs: society has evolved, public opinions have changed, there have been other big LGBT+ events. The civil partnership law offered hope, but failed to achieve what was intended and is now hovering in political limbo.

In the meantime, the community has grown tired. Some are complacent, others frustrated, yet others find motivation in the current situation. This is why now is the moment to raise our voices: to show the outside world that there are real people whose lives are directly influenced by the actions and inaction of policy makers and everyone around us, but perhaps even more importantly, to show each other that we stand together and no one is alone.

The goal of Tallinn Pride is to bring people together in a joyous occasion, while also giving a voice to the community that often struggles to be heard in our society.

We welcome everyone who supports a fair, equal, and inclusive society to join us in Pride!


Tallinn Pride is a parade which aims to increase visibility of LGBT+ people, taking place on 8 July 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia.

We welcome everyone who supports a fair, equal, and inclusive society to join us in Pride!